Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guided Trip to RMNP

A good friend invited me to join him and another friend on a guided fly fishing trip to RMNP.  On Friday, we met the guide in the early morning, and headed up to the park.  Our first stop was a nice stretch of the Fall River.  We hiked a way through the marsh, and fished hoppers for a couple of hours.

We later moved to a stretch of Cub Creek, which produced a nice brown and brookie, both caught on a parachute adams...sized 12.

We had a great time..the scenery was outstanding, and I enjoyed fishing new water that was previously unknown to me.  This trip was a great way to get ready for the annual Gunnison trip next week.

Big Dry Fly- The first post

Well, after much encouragement from my media empire friend Morty from TFM, I have started a blog.  At this point, this will just be a way to document some flyfishing activities, short stories, and photos for my friends.  We shall see what happens after that...

The name Big Dry Fly really reflects how I prefer to fly fish.  If the fish are looking up...then you might as well tie on a size 12 Parachute Adams!