Monday, December 5, 2016

Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair Review

The photos in the fly fishing gear catalog of a fly fisher casually landing a big trout are not always accurate.   Case in point...during a day on the Gunnison River this summer, I hooked a nice big Rainbow on a size 18 dry fly.   The water was clear, and when I saw the size of the trout, my heart started to race, and I quickly tried to recall how carefully I had tied the knot from tippet to fly.  In the process of landing the trout in shallow water, I fell. Landing on my net, and breaking it.  It must have been quite a sight to the casual observer as I flailed about and gyrated, protecting my rod and the trout.

After releasing the trout, I assessed the damage.   I shoved what was left of the net into my wading belt, and noted that my knee was a bit tender.    As I waded back into the water to cast again, I felt water soaking my sock.    Upon closer inspection, I found a decent size gash in the knee of my Simms G3 waders.

The G3 is a tough wader...I have fallen numerous times in the past with no issues, but this time, I was not so lucky.    It was still early in the day, with much fishing to do, and I didn't have any spare waders on the week long trip.   I walked back to to the truck, and started digging through my Fishpond gear bag in hopes of finding something to get me back onto the water.

Years ago I had purchased a tube of Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair, and fortunately, it was in my bag.  The only time I had ever used it was to assist my friend Cameron Mortenson (  after he tore his waders on a barbed wire fence in Montana.    During that incident, we were miles away from any store, and we found that this quickly repaired his waders.  I was convinced then of the quality of this product, but fortunately had never needed it for myself.
The tear before repair

Using this product was very simple.   I brushed dirt away from the tear, and moved the waders into the shade.   I applied a thin film over the tear, then moved the waders into the sunshine.   The product then quickly formed a thin, flexible seal over the tear.   That's it!

I fished for the rest of the trip (fly fishing from sunrise to sunset), with no issues.   The seal held great, and no water leaked into the waders.   I have fished with the waders quite a few times since the repair with no issues.    I'm sure that Simms would love to sell me a new pair of waders, but there is plenty of life left in these G3's, and the minimal cost of the UV wader repair has allowed me to enjoy my favorite waders for a while longer.  I highly recommend keeping a tube of this product in your gear bag.

BDF uses a three tiered gear rating system for gear reviews.

Dry Fly =       Great Product
Emerger=       Good product with potential
Nymph=         Could use improvement   

The Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair earns Dry Fly status.

For more information on this product, check out


Thursday, August 25, 2016

A long hike, up a steep hill, then back down

About two weeks ago, we decided to take the day to explore a section of river that has been whispered about by friends over the past few years.    "Dry fly heaven" were the words that made me realize that it was time for AB, JT and I to make the trip.   JT had fished this section of river before, and described it as a "brisk walk" to get to the location.    Indeed...

After hours of climbing several mountain peaks, traversing rock slides, and clearing our way through the forest, we arrived at the section of river that is whispered about.   It was incredible, and reminded me of how lucky we are to live Colorado.   We caught plenty of fish on dry flies, including the legendary greenback cutthroat.   

It is great fun to fish a stretch of water that is nearby and familiar.    But every once in a while, it is important to fish someplace different.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Evening on the water...

Not long ago, my friend Dave and I took the float tubes out on a favorite mountain lake.   The trout were rising as the sun set, and several fish were landed on dry flies.    A great way to spend the evening! 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Blue River

Another installment from the series about last season's trip around the state...

The Blue River is a Gold Medal Water in the middle of an outlet mall.   It doesn't seem as though it would be a place for big trout...but it is.   We fished for a couple of hours, and caught a lot of trout.    I had good luck with small parachute BWO's.    This river is also crowded, but we met some nice folks, and enjoyed a bright and sunny afternoon on the river.    Even though the surroundings are a little different then a peaceful mountain canyon setting, if you focus on the water in front of obtain the same enjoyment here as you do in other settings.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First Trout(s) of 2016

We've had snow on the ground since the end of November.    Some of my favorite stretches of river have been iced over as well.   Since I'm not an ice fisherman, this has kept me from fly fishing for several months.

The warm winds arrived last week, and started to free the river.    No doubt temporary, my friend Dave and I headed to the river in hopes of catching our first trout of 2016 (and avoiding the chore lists prepared by our beloved better halves).

The trout were active, the wind was gusty, and stretches of river were ice free.    It was a great day on the water.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Maine-Made Best Co Fly Tying Desks

Last weekend, while at the Denver Fly Fishing Show, I came across the booth of a unique company.  The Maine-Made Best Co. makes handcrafted fly tying desks, along with some accessories.   There were several models on display, and the quality was outstanding.  The drawers featured leather pulls, and the construction of the desks was solid, built the old fashioned way.   I spent quite a bit of time talking with Evan Emmott, who builds each of these products in Maine.   Evan was a very nice guy, a fisherman, and has an obvious passion for doing things the right way.   His great grandfather built similar desks many years ago, and Evan is continuing the tradition. 

Evan uses hand tools and turn of the century machinery to fashion each piece of tying equipment one at a time specifically for each customer and their requirements.  He has several sizes of desks available, and also makes several accessories, such as fly tying tool bags.  

I'm very fond of the State of Maine...and I enjoyed meeting a craftsman that appreciates "the way life should be..."

Maine-Made Best has a website,  However, Evan told me that he spends most of his time building desks, so the best way to contact him is through his phone (preferred) at 207-790-2047, or email at