Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fly Fishing Film Tour-Fort Collins Edition

F3T made the annual stop in Fort Collins last night, and BDF was there. If my recollections are accurate, I have made it every year. It's a great opportunity to catch up with friends in the industry, and enjoy good films about fly fishing on a winter evening.

The evening began at St. Peter's Fly Shop. They always host a get together before the show, and it is always fun to talk to the guys at the shop in a social setting. I ran into Chris Schrantz, one of the nicest guys in the fly fishing business. He worked at St. Pete's back when I moved to Colorado, and I always remember the time he spent helping me figure out the local streams. Chris is now back in the Fort Collins area, and it was nice to catch up.

Grant Houx runs a fine fly shop, and it was nice talking with Tanner Irwin as well as several other folks I ran into. It was a great way to start out the evening.

F3T was held at the recently renovated Lincoln Center, which is a nice venue for this. The event was finally held in the largest auditorium, which was a nice change from the past, when the smaller theater was jam packed and overflowing. I sat next to some friends, and settled back to enjoy the


I won't get into to much detail in case you plan to see F3T, but I will mention a few highlights.

As always, you get a copy of Stonefly Magazine, which is a great magazine filled with articles and advertisements from the industry. As I opened the magazine I saw a full page ad from BDF friend, which was great to see.  You also get the latest edition F3T hat, and during intermission, several prizes are given out, including a Sage rod, Costa sunglasses, and other assorted swag.


As always, there was a great assortments of films. Films included a short about the Ausable River in Michigan (where BDF learned to flyfish), films about saltwater, fishing in Thailand, and chasing Steelhead in the PNW. A nice mix of films which covered BDF's staple of trout fishing, and enough different types of fishing to make you want to explore the other great fishing opportunities around the globe.

If F3T comes to your town, I would highly recommend it!


  1. Nice Post Buddy! Thanks for the information and sorry I could not join ya! Sounds like it was an awesome show to get ya primed for Spring! Fish on!

  2. I think I get another opportunity in Denver soon, at least I hope so. I have never attended but it's on my list. Old Morty gets around doesn't he?