Monday, April 8, 2013

BDF in Florida

It's my understanding that a blizzard is about to hit Colorado. Fortunately, BDF is safely in Florida. I had a couple hours during this trip to try my hand at Flyfishing in the Atlantic. My last saltwater experience was fishing for striper off the rocky coast of Maine, but I figured that I would pack an 8 weight and fly fish the surf while in Florida.

I had a great time fishing...but not catching. The guy at the shop told me that it was hit or miss this time of year. I fished several clouser patterns that I had tied, and of course, some local patterns I picked up at the shop. Saltwater fishing is a different game, and I learned a ton on while fishing. The purpose of this trip was not fishing, but the lessons learned will help me on the next trip I take, which will be focused on fishing the salt.

A few observations I made:

-Practice your double haul before hitting the windy ocean.
-A stripping basket is a very handy thing to have
-Rinse your gear thoroughly after fishing in the saltwater
-Good footwear is important, even on the beach
-Flyfishing the ocean truly tests your gear.
-The beauty and majesty of the ocean makes not catching fish quite tolerable.
-Tenkara might not be the best choice in this situation! Sorry NOCOnympher!

Watch for future reports on this experience, including a review of gear put to an extreme test. Here are a few photos of my experience. I'm wearing a Rep Your Water hat generously sent to me by TFM.


  1. Very nice pictures, BDF, especially as I look out the office window and the blizzard finally coming down. Sure looks like pretty heavy surf for fly-fishing, though!

  2. Well I think the blizzard pretty well petered out in the Denver area. That looks so relaxing. Enjoy buddy.

  3. Nice post buddy! Look forward to the next post! Awesome pictures! Safe travels!