Saturday, June 8, 2013

The golden hour

Last week I headed to a favorite mountain lake on two occasions.   During runoff, a trout filled lake is a great place to spend time, while the rivers are cleansing in preparation for dry fly season.

On the first day, my friend Dave and I were joined by Joe, who is new to the sport.   It was great seeing him catch trout during his first time using a belly boat.   If you ever feel like you take this sport for with someone who is just discovering this passion will remind you of what a special pastime this is.

Dave and I headed back up a few days later in order to fish the evening.   When we got on the water, it was windy, but the wind soon died down as we entered that golden hour of the setting sun. 
The trout started rising all around, and we had a great time hooking trout.  I caught my favorite fish of the day right as it was getting too dark to see.  I saw a few rings nearby, and cast my size 12 parachute adams in that direction.  I waited for a few seconds, then my fly disappeared and the fight was on.  As I released the trout into the water, and watched it swim away in the last glimmer of light, I took a moment to take in the beauty that was surrounding me as a I floated in the middle of a perfectly calm lake.   I then put on my headlamp and headed for shore.




  1. Wow, Mike nice going. That first picture is really cool. Glad you're back and enjoying the lakes.

  2. Thanks Howard! I've been using that Tangled FX app that Noconympher discovered on some photos...I like the painted effect. It was fun getting out last week.

  3. Nice pics, BDF. Lets do it again real soon.

  4. BDF! Nice post buddy! Looks like you and Dave had a great trip! It is really rewarding when you get to share in experiences of those new to the sport! Glad your other friend caught fish! Nice pictures!