Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fiberglass Fly Rod Article-Fly Fisherman 2014 Gear Review

 I just picked up the new Fly Fisherman 2014 Gear Guide that recently hit the newsstands.   BDF friend Cameron Mortenson has a feature article on the fiberglass fly rod revolution which he has been a huge part of.  I've got a few "noodley" fiberglass rods that I like to fish on small streams on occasion, and I am looking forward to reading the article, especially on an evening like tonight, when it will be close to -15 degrees and snowing.



  1. Our buddy has really made quite a name for himself.

  2. BDF! Thanks for sharing the information and HATS OFF! to Cameron! It is awesome to see his hard work pay off for him! I look forward to reading the article! Fly Fisherman...SWEET! Now for the cold...yes it definitely is!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I agree that Cameron really has it going on right now on the Fiberglass scene. Look forward to reading the article. Stay warm!