Monday, May 25, 2015

A Crappie day on the water is better than none at all

The rains have been steady, and the rivers have swollen over the banks.    While the water will be great for this parched state and for dry fly fishing this fall, it makes fishing the rivers somewhat difficult in the short term.    I've been traveling a bit, and haven't even made the normal runoff inspired trips to the mountain lakes to sit in the float tube and catch some trout.    So, the other day I walked down to the local lake, and started casting a Clouser minnow that I tied to see what might be lurking in the depths.   After a while, I felt the line tighten, and landed this Crappie.   I've yet to figure out the true secrets of this lake, but it a ton of fun for an hour of fly fishing.


  1. Welcome back to Mother Earth Mike! Your posts are always missed. These rains sure have played hell for us fly fishers hasn't it? Glad to see you're still getting out and hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Howard! I've been busy with work and glad to be back. I hope you've been doing well and catching fish!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Brady! I'm just trying to keep up with you!

  3. BDF! Nice fish my friend! I could not agree with you more I'll take a crappie day on the water anytime over an awesome one at the sweat shop! Nice clouser....Is that a DRY FLY? hahahahaha Tightlines!