Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The trip...

Recently, I had the pleasure of fishing seven rivers in a week here in Colorado, and catching trout on each one.   It's an annual trip that I have gone on for quite a few years with a group of friends, and it is always a great experience.  A couple of the guys and I extended the trip by a few days this year, and fished several gold medal rivers on the way home.   As a dry fly fly fisherman at heart, I greatly appreciated the fact that every trout I caught was caught on a nice, juicy dry fly (except for one on a dropper hanging under a size 10 simulator, which almost counts as catching one on a dry!).  It was a reminder to be thankful for the scenic beauty of the land and water that we are surrounded by in this state...



  1. I don't think I've even fished 7 times this year. But I will be in Estes next week for 3 or 4 days fishing Big T. Where did fish?

    1. I was very lucky! Stayed tuned for future posts on the different rivers, I'm going to cover them all. Enjoy the big T! Poudre is also fishing well if you get over that way. We will have to get together sometime to fish!

    2. Mike, the Big T was good to me.

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