Friday, February 1, 2013


Many of you have probably read The Fiberglass Manifesto, which is a blog dedicated to fiberglass fly rods published by my good friend Morty. I've got a couple fiberglass rods in my quiver (thanks to Morty), and enjoy fishing an occasional small stream with the noodley rod. Although I am primarily a graphite rod guy, I appreciate how Morty has opened many eyes to glass in the industry. He did a post on TFM today about his views on the future of glass rods. It is a very interesting read. I especially enjoyed his thoughts on faster actions fiberglass rods. Take a moment to read his post.


  1. Hi Mike. Well I can certainly look at Morty for my slow decent to the dark side. Five years and 30 or so fiberglass rods later I guess you could say I'm hooked.

  2. Mike isn't a Tenkara fiberglass?! Ill have you on one yet!