Monday, February 4, 2013


As a youth, I would have been angry.   To fish a stretch of water that I know possesses fish, yet bringing none to hand used to be a difficult lesson.  As the years pass, the patience and appreciation for the experience grows, whether a fish is observed in your net, or not.

Yesterday I returned to a stretch of water that yielded dozens of trout a few weeks ago.  Yesterday, nothing.  As I hiked out of the remote spot, I met two fly fishermen walking towards the water I had just vacated.  The smiles on their faces quickly faded as I informed them of my luck.  One of them stated, "geez, I caught about 50 the other day".  I wished them luck, and told them that it was probably just me.

The thing is...I really do hope they did well.  There are obviously plenty of fish there...I've seen them.  But fly fishing is a daily challenge.  If it was easy, why go?


  1. You sure have that right. Sometimes the fish win! There is a lot more to enjoy out there than just always hooking a fish.

    If you don't mind me saying so, may I suggest a quick visit to my blog to read my latest post. Just a rant on that secret code you have to use to post a comment.

  2. Like your thought process and meeting two new people that have the same passion you have was worth the trip. That is why they call it fly fishing! Nice photos

    1. Thanks! I will check out the blog Rainbow Chaser. Thanks for comment Noco.

  3. You echoed my thought exactly. I used to do really well on the P. Now it's been awhile since I've caught anything there but I sure love the country!

  4. You weren't using one of your Scott rods were you? Once the fish get a taste of the line coming off one of those, they shy away from it forevermore.

    Nice pictures and good post.