Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Being prepared...Fly-Fishing or at home

As you may have noticed, I'm a big fan of great gear.  I like to try new stuff out, but I appreciate items that are quality, and will last a long time.

Recently, a bad storm hit my house.  When I arrived home to inspect the damage, I found several inches of hail covering the yard and house, and plenty of debris and damage.  I needed to figure out what needed to be done quickly, and I grabbed a flashlight that I had just received to help me see in the darkness.  This light worked perfectly in the wet weather.  It's something that I didn't have to think about when using it...I just expected it to work well, and it did.  One of the nice things about the light is the adjustable hood near the bulb.  You can easily change the beam of the bulb.  It truly is an intense light that reaches quite a distance.  I was lucky, my house can be repaired, but it was a good reminder that you never know when trouble can strike.

The light is called the Logi Flashlight, and I received it from my long time good friend David.  Dave is a dedicated fly-fisher, and also appreciates solid, compact equipment that works.  He recently started a website that specializes in equipment that can be used in preparing your emergency response supplies.  The company is called BETTERCERTSUPPLIES.com, and I would encourage you to check it out.  Being prepared is something that we sometimes forget to do!  At the very least, you can add a flashlight to your fly fishing gear bag like I have.  I can see using this light for a long time.

Check out the site at  http://www.bettercertsupplies.com/

Here is a photo of my light.


  1. Cool little light and I noticed their prices are quite reasonable. Thanks Mike.

  2. Hey BDF! This light is amazing! This little work horse of a light is lightweight yet lit up the opposite bank of the Taylor River like an advertising spotlight! For the price, it is worth having one in your fishing rig and for those your care about! Great post and thanks for letting me attempt to take yours!

  3. Al, I was also amazed at the light once we put it through the tests on the Taylor...really impressed.