Monday, August 5, 2013

Big dry flies in the rain

Last week I took a few hours to check out a new section of my favorite local river.  The weather forecast called for rain, so I was able to properly prepare by bringing along some of my Filson foul weather gear.  I'm glad I did, since it poured just about the whole time I was on the stream.  I was fine with that however, since there was no lightning, and the mountains need the moisture.

I tied on a big Cicadia pattern that the folks at St. Pete's sold me, and found that it was of great interest to the drenched trout.   I also had luck with a ABU midge that I used as a dropper from that big dry.

It had been awhile since I fished this river, and I really felt like it was a return home.  I hiked into a stretch that I had not fished before, and really enjoyed the solitude I found. Even though it is the middle of summer, the day felt like a fall day.  The temperature was in the 50's, and the skies were grey and full of rain.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but I'm glad there is still plenty of summer left.  Hopefully you are able to hit your favorite stretch of river soon with your favorite dry fly pattern!


  1. You didn't mention taking a few buddies back to your newest honey-hole this weekend. It was good to fish with you again. Thanks for the tip on the dry-dropper and thanks to NoCoNympher for teaching us his ABU pattern. Both were a hit up there at MooMoo Meadows!

    1. Patience...that is a future post! Agreed on the ABU, what a great pattern! noconympher created a masterpiece.

  2. That looks wonderful Mike. Can you give us a hint on where abouts you were? I really need to get up there.

  3. Yeah baby! Nice pics! I am glad you had such a successful outing! Wish I was fishin with you studs! Tight lines fellas!