Saturday, November 16, 2013

The last cast of the day...

Yesterday I spent a couple hours on a local stream.   I hooked a few trout, but it was one of those days when the trout got away before they got to the net, which in the long run really not a bad thing since the less you handle the trout, the better off they are.   But, I still like to take in the beauty of the trout in my net, and it was not happening.    I did hook several aspen leaves, and I managed to land each of them!

I really enjoyed myself since the weather was very nice for late fall, but the time came to head back into town.   As I walked back to the car, I decided to hit a favorite hole for a couple "last casts" of the day.   I walked down the bank, adjusted the indicator, and made a few casts into the deep pocket.   It took a couple casts to get the perfect drift in the tricky currents, but it paid off.   The indicator disappeared, and a rainbow flew out of the water after taking the zebra midge.   He was full of fight, and I had to work my way down stream as he jumped, headed behind rocks, and zigzagged through heavy currents in an effort to defeat me.   I won this particular battle, and brought him to my net.   I snapped a couple of photos, and released him back into the cold fall water.   I'm glad that I decided to make a last cast of the day in that deep pocket.



  1. I've often found that the aspen leaves put up more a fight in the Spring than in the Fall. I've also found that any time on the Poudre is time well spent.

    1. It was amazing how many of those leaves were lurking under the surface. It is great seeing how clean the Poudre is overall after the flood. Lots of clean sand and rocks, I'm sure the trout love it.

  2. Mike! Nice fish buddy! Glad you made that last cast! Leaf fish are difficult to catch and fight for all they are worth! Nice pics buddy!