Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

There is a light snow coming down in Northern Colorado as I reflect on the past year.  It's been a busy year, full of travel, and meeting new friends in this tight knit flyfishing community.   I've been able to vacation near the ocean and fly fish the booming surf, which has been a great joy to my soul.   2014 promises to bring more fly fishing opportunities, and more quality time spent with family and friends.

We continue to keep our blogger friend Howard in our thoughts as he recovers, and look forward to his  resumed posts!  

Take a moment to reflect on the good things that happened in the past year, and look forward to the unpainted canvas of 2014.


  1. Happy New Year Mike! What a relaxing image and place to be as the snow falls; however, it is part of making the state we live in so amazing! Thanks for keeping Howard in your thoughts as he recovers! He is in our thoughts and prayers as well. Tightlines and I look forward to 2014 on the water

  2. Hi, Mike. Sounds like you had a most wonderful year in 2013. Here is too many happy hook ups and pleasantries in 2014! Appreciate your thoughts on Howard. He really needs our support.