Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vedavoo Fly Fishing Gear

One of the best things about going to the Fly Fishing Show is meeting the people behind a brand.   Slick marketing can grab my interest for a short time, but learning the history of a company, the actual creation of a product, and the people that represent it are the keys to my brand loyalty.  Scott Hunter is the founder and designer behind Vedavoo, which makes fly fishing packs and gear that are not only innovative, but made right here in the USA.   Vedavoo makes several modular pack systems that seem to be creatively thought out, and well made.  I spent some time at the show looking over the different packs and bags, and was impressed with the rugged construction. After years of trying out new pieces of gear on the river, I'm at the point where I'm only interested in gear that will hold up to real world fly fishing, and Vedavoo seems to have the elements to last a long time.   

They make a variety of other handmade products, including a tippet wallet that I will soon order.  After spending time talking with Scott, you can see that he believes in his products, and takes the time to do things right.

Take the time to check out the website at vedavoo.com


  1. Very impressed with the Vedavoo product line. I am hoping to get a sling pack together for us to try out with our Tenkara rods! Nice post buddy and enjoyed the show with ya!

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